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Fair work and fair price for their partition and ceiling. This company use really thick partition for my place instead of very thin board that I get from my previous company.
After a recent purchase from the store, I found that the price was relatively cheap and the workmanship was good. At the early stage of my house renovation, I planned just to purchase a few aluminium window and that it, but then, the store manager told me that they actually work in wide range of categories such as:-

a) Aluminium work
b) Blind and carpet
c) Paiping
d) Basic cementing work
e) Tempered glass and glass
f) Ceiling and partition
g) Electric and lighting work

(I am not very such but this is what written in their name card I got from the manager)

Due to the wide range of coverage i think that they are not the sole contractor, I think they are more like agent. But the price is still relatively cheap on my case.

Usually I found that most contractor in Klang wouldn't provide "after-sale-service" but they do. When I found that my door lock is damaged, I called the store manager and he is here the next day and replace a brand new lock for me.

Nothing for me to say but Good Good Good!!!!!!

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