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One Utama Shopping Center A&W staff services was so bad that I had made me yelled to the people working there. There were friends wearing non-A&W attire walked in and out of the kitchen. All unoccupied tables were filled with so mugs and leftovers. Staff are not dressed in proper attire. I had to yell at one of the supervisor to get me a GCB after waited for 30 mins, and the worst thing is, what I get was just 2 bread with a burger in it. There is no lettuce and sauce. I never get any words of apology and the staff just throw me the burger without any sense of moral.

I will never step into any of the A&W outlet anymore. I vow to put an end with A&W expectation and I will never recommend to anyone about it. I will take this worst scenario of Fast Food service as an example to be spoken in front of every seminar I will make in future.

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