Centra CRM (Customer relationship Management)

Effectively convert your leads and opportunities into revenue-paying customers using powerful tools. Boost your operations with tools such as sales lifecycle stages including estimation, quotation management, authorizations, calendars and activity trackers and many more power-packed features through our robust, easy-to-use and comprehensive platform that is agile enough to suit the size and scale requirements of your organization.

Business Benefits:
• Enables you to deliver an outstanding customer experience
• Generates insight on customer behaviour for your sales team
• Tracks effectiveness of activities and campaigns
• Facilitates collaboration between team members
• Comprehensive reports help you make informed decisions
Functional Benefits
• Provides insights for developing a marketing campaign and evaluates effectiveness
• Tracks prospects through lead generation, prioritization, distribution and follow-up processes
• Automatically allocates calls at customer service centres
• Provides sales forecast and trends reports
• Allows multiple and parallel opportunities of contacts
Technical Benefits
• Efficient use of resources minimizing data entry
• Anytime access and input date in real time

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